WEICON ASW040P Anti-Seize Assembly Paste 120g Brush-Top Can

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WEICON 26100012 High Performance Anti-Seize Assembly Paste, 120g container with brush-top.

WEICON Anti-Seize are used as protecting and separating agents, as well as lubricants, for highly stressed parts, especially at high temperatures. Optimally balanced solids contents as well as selected additives permit a wide range of applications, especially in this area.

WEICON Anti-Seize High-Tech is metal-free (under 0.1%) and can be used with any material. In case of certain metal combinations, it offers optimum protection against electrolytic reactions (cold welding).

Nowadays, increasingly high alloy steels and light and nonferrous metals are being used. When metalliferous assembly pastes are used, unwanted interactions between the paste and the material cannot be ruled out.

WEICON Anti-Seize High-Tech is particularly suited if:

  • metalliferous pastes could cause electrolytic reactions.
  • nickeliferous products should not or may not be used for health reasons.
  • dark, metalliferous products should not or may not be used for optical reasons.

All kinds of influencing factors, such as moisture and friction, lead to damage and corrosion, seizure, and wear on machines and installations. Extensive repair and maintenance work at considerable cost are the result. The safe protection of work pieces and structures made of steel and other metals is thus absolutely necessary for the rational and economic operation of technical installations.

WEICON Anti-Seize provides protection against the following:

  • Corrosion - seizure - wear
  • Stick-slip phenomena
  • Oxidation and fretting corrosion
  • Electrolytic reactions (cold welding)

WEICON Anti-Seize is free of sulphurous additives and halogens, well adherent and abrasion-proof, and resistant against hot, cold and salt water. The extremely low friction coefficient also permits easy disassembly from machines and installations.

In addition, WEICON Anti-Seize assembly pastes are excellent lubricants for statically high-stressed parts and for slowly rotating installations, as long as corresponding relubrication intervals are observed.

With its dual function as a lubricant and corrosion protection agent, WEICON Anti-Seize becomes a reationalisation factor, both in terms of saving time and reducing costs.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICON Anti-Seize High-Tech Paste

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