WEICON Welding Protection Spray 400ml Silicone-Free

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WEICON 11700400 Welding Protection Spray, Silicone-Free 400ml. Anti-Spatter agent prevents sticking weld spatters, keeps welding nozzles clean, food grade certified (CFIA).

WEICON Welding Protection Spray (silicone-free) is used to clean welding nozzles and to keep them clean. At the same time, it protects the work piece to be welded against the effect of weld splashes without impairing the welding seam.


  • Prevents the adhesion of welding splashes on gas jets and work piece surfaces
  • Offers full-surface protection during the welding procedure
  • Postwork cleaning of the work pices with spatula, brush, or chisel is not necessary
  • Post treatment of work pieces like: Bronzing, galvanising, anodising, or painting is possible without special cleaning. Excess residues of the sprayed-on product should be removed with e.g. WEICON Cleaner Spray S.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICON Welding Protection Spray

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