WEICON VA 8406 Contact Adhesive 30g Clear Low Viscosity Pen

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WEICON VA 8406 Fast Cure Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 30g (super glue).


  • Very fast curing
  • Low viscosity, 20-50 mPa·s
  • For bonding of numerous rubber materials (e.g. solid rubber or cellular rubber) and plastics
  • Especially suitable for bonding of EPDM elastomers, in cases where quick fastening is necessary
  • Also suitable for bonding polyolefines (PE-polyethylene, PP polypropylene), Teflon® and silicones in combination with WEICON CA-Primer

WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesives (Super Glue) are cold curing one-component adhesives, free of solvents. They quickly polymerise by reacting with moisture both on the surfaces to be bonded and from the air, and cure under light pressure.

When using WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesives, unlike in the case of welding and soldering, surfaces remain unaltered. No material stress occurs. Thus, more simple and rapid assembly is often possible, and auxiliary fixing devices are not necessary.

The resulting advantages are numerous:

  • Enormous time and, therefore, cost savings
  • Immediate on-processing of fixed parts possible
  • High bond strength up to material fracture
  • Clean and optically appealing bondings

WEICON Contact Cyanoacrylate Adhesives provide high structural strength, with a temperature resistance from -50°C to +135°C and good levels of resistance to a lot of chemicals. In many instances, the cured bond joint proves to be harder than the material of the bonded parts.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICON Contact VA 8406

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