WEICON CA-Primer for Polyolefin Plastics 10ml Bottle

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WEICON 12450010 primer pre-treatment for polyolefin and low surface energy plastics such as PE, PP & TPE. 10ml bottle.

Without pre-treatment, many plastics are unable to bond or bond only under certain conditions. When these plastics are pre-treated with WEICON Contact Primer, their surface structure changes. Thereby the joining of plastics, like polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) belonging to the polyolefin group, which are usually difficult to bond, is made possible.

Even modern thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), PTFE and related plastics as well as silicones, can be bonded when pre-treated with WEICON Contact Primer.


  • larger choice of usable plastics
  • higher bonding strength with plastics which are usually difficult to bond
  • cost savings as other mechanical methods of pre- treatment (scalloping, low pressure plasma, heat treatment etc.) are not necessary

The effectiveness of WEICON CA-Primer begins approx. 2 minutes after application and lasts up to approx. 24 hours.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICON CA Primer

MSDS Sheet (PDF): WEICON CA Primer

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