WEICONLOCK AN 302-22 Threadlocker 50ml Purple Vibration Proof 12ct

CODE: WCN-30222150CS

Price: $307.99

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Case of 12 WEICONLOCK AN 302-22 Threadlocker 50ml bottles. Purple color. Threadlocking, vibration proof. Medium viscosity, low strength, easy to disassemble. The easy to use pen system design allows you to apply just the right amount of thread lock for various applications.

WEICONLOCK products are high quality anaerobic adhesives and sealants on the basis of special methacrylate resins, especially made for economical threadlocking, retaining and sealing of threaded, cylindrical and pipe assemblies.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICONLOCK AN 302-22 Threadlocker

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