WEICON Rust Protection 2000 Plus 400ml Silver Grey 12ct

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Case of 12 WEICON 11013400 Rust Protection Plus Spray, Silver-Grey color, 400ml.

Rust Protection 2000 Plus is a special corrosion and weathering resistant surface coating made on the basis of ferric-oxide (hematite). By using highly-purified ferric oxide pigments in a flaky arrangement, a permanent, weathering and water resistant protection of the surface is achieved.

Rust Protection 2000 Plus is used wherever metal constructions and installations, which are exposed to extreme ambient and weathering conditions, have to be protected with a long-lasting and optically attractive layer.


  • Hall and steel constructions
  • Iron railings, lattice towers
  • Fences, handrails and balcony railings
  • Movable gates and outdoor lamps
  • Renovation of intact lacquer coatings and all parts with high corrosion risk, e.g. welding seams, threads, edges, screws and nuts.

Technical Data Sheet (PDF): WEICON Rust Protection 2000 Plus

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