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Date added: 03/27/2015 Welcome, Sump Alarm

We would like to announce the addition of Sump Alarm, Inc. to our product line!

Sump Alarm, Inc.

Sump Alarm™ makes weatherproof pump control products for exterior applications. Products that protect, indicate and alarm and allow you to monitor an outdoor pump from inside your home.

Sump Alarm, Inc. is the only pump controller on the market which report at all times on the status of itself and the pump(s) - it confirms when they are working, not working, and the status of the power supply

SumpAlarm™ products:

  • Are designed for for exterior sump pump, septic pump, pond pump and outdoor pump control and alarming applications
  • Use colored lights to allowing confirmation from a distance during poor weather that a pump is operating and controlling level - positively and negatively
  • Meet NEC code requirements for service near swimming pools, ponds, septic areas and bodies of water
  • Work with standard off-the-shelf sump pumps, floats and level switches
  • Visually and audibly indicate when a pump is unable to control level or a GFCI fault has occurred
  • Are robust: made to industrial specifications for residential use and rated for heat, cold, and rain, and chemical resistance

Sump Alarm's products protect homes from water damage before it occurs. Their products provide pump status for indoor or outdoor sump pumps and are simple and robust because they are built to industrial specifications to serve residential, commercial, and marine use.

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