Diaphragm Pumps & Accessories

American Lube TIM-336 12 Volt DC Diaphragm Pump


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American Lube
12 volt DC diaphragm pump. 1" inlet and outlet. Can handle particles up to .1" in diameter. Includes telescoping suction pipe, nozzle and 12 ft. delivery... More

Ingersoll Rand 637118-C ARO Air Section Repair Kit

CODE: AL-637118-C

In stock
Ingersoll Rand
Diaphragm Pump Repair Kit, Nitrile. Includes Air Valve Retaining Rings, Gaskets, Seals, U-Cups.

Ingersoll Rand 637137-63-C Diaphragm Fuel Pump Repair Kit

CODE: AL-637137-63-C

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Ingersoll Rand  
Diaphragm Fuel Pump Repair Kit. Includes Diaphragms, Balls, Seals, O-Rings.

Ingersoll Rand 650717-C UL Fuel Diaphragm Pump, 1/4" Air Inlet

CODE: AL-650717-C

In stock
Ingersoll Rand
1" U.L. listed diaphragm pump with 1/4" (F) air inlet, 1" (F) material inlet and outlet, aluminum air motor, aluminum wetted parts, Kynar check valve seats,... More

Ingersoll Rand 66605J-322 1/2" Diaphragm Pump

CODE: AL-66605J-322

In stock
Ingersoll Rand
1/2" diaphragm pump with polypropylene air motor,polypropylene wetted parts, polypropylene check valve seats, nitrile balls and nitrile diaphragms. Single... More

Ingersoll Rand 666100-3C9-C 1" Diaphragm Pump with Hytrel material

CODE: AL-666100-3C9-C

In stock
Ingersoll Rand
1" diaphrgam pump with aluminum body, polypropylene seats, hytrel balls and hytrel diaphragms, cetal balls and nitrile diaphragms. Features: Outlet... More

Ingersoll Rand 666150-362-C 1-1/2" Diaphragm Pump

CODE: AL-666150-362-C

In stock
Ingersoll Rand
1-1/2" diaphragm pump with aluminum air motor, aluminum wetted parts, polypropylene check valve seats, teflon balls and teflon diaphragms. Suitable for... More

Ingersoll Rand PD01E-HDS-DTT-A 1/4" Diaphragm Pump, Non-Metallic


In stock
Ingersoll Rand
Non-Metallic Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump. 1/4" FNPT Port. Max Flow 5.3 GPM, Max Pressure 125 PSI, Max Temperature 225 Degrees. Groundable... More

Ingersoll Rand PD01P-HPS-PAA-A 1/4" Double Diaphragm Pump


In stock
Ingersoll Rand
Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump . 1/4" FNPT Port. Max Flow 4.6 GPM, Max Pressure 100 PSI. Polypropylene wetted parts, santoprene diaphragms, teflon balls... More

Ingersoll Rand PD05P-ARS-PUU-B 1/2" Double Diaphragm Pump


Available For Order
Ingersoll Rand  
Air Operated Non-Metallic Double Diaphragm Pump. 1/2" FNPT Port. Max Flow 14.4 GPM, Max Pressure 100 PSI, Max Temperature 150 Degrees. Stainless steel... More
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